Maluco Security Group, with our training department Maluco Tactical, recently completed work with the popular lifestyle reality show The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

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Event Security



Event organizers face multitudes of challenges when putting together any public event, ranging from the conflicts that inevitably arise in immense crowds to managing the large numbers of temporary workers.


Maluco Security Group  can help. We offer security services for just about any public event; this includes perimeter and access control, parking security and executive protection.


In addition to this we offer our services for smaller events and gatherings (cocktail parties, corporate BBQs etc.) where only a handful of security personnel are needed to ensure a pleasent experiance for everyone.


We also offer our clients consulting services prior to the event so they are fully aware of the most likely issues they will encounter and how to best mitigate them if they do occur.


Our staff are fully qualified and trained to work with the utmost politeness and reserve that any given situation allows. They are comfortable working in high visibility environments and venues where there is a large amount of crowd ineraction, as well as being trained to be as unintrusive as possible at smaller events.