Maluco Security Group, with our training department Maluco Tactical, recently completed work with the popular lifestyle reality show The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

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Hotel Security

            Maluco’s Hotel Security Team consists of skilled professionals with years of international experience providing security services for resorts and hotels around the world.

            All of our staff are certified to work in the security industry and additionally are even IACPO and IASP certified. They are also specifically trained to provide a safe environment for both hotel staff and guests while simultaneously maintaining the atmosphere of culture that hotels seek to create.  We understand the importance of dressing for the occasion and our Hotel Security Team can fulfill any dress code requests.

            With terrorism levels ever rising, hotels are becoming more and more likely to be attacked. The majority of our team comes from a military background and is capable of maintaining their composure in the most extreme of emergencies. Don’t allow your hotel or resort to become a target.